Titanbet Poker Room – Features and Bonuses

Why Play Titanbet Poker

Unlike other online poker sites and apps where you play against a mechanical algorithm that’s quite obviously designed to always swing things in favor of the house, at Titanbet Poker (the new name of Titan Poker) the playing field is levelled considerably since you’re playing against other real poker enthusiasts just like you. What’s more, there are Titanbet Poker features which give the casino a social aspect, as well as others that are designed to help the virtual casino’s patrons improve their poker playing.

Since this article was written Titanbet has stopped accepting players from the UK, we even tried looking for them among casinos not on gamstop but to no avail.

Titanbet Poker Features

Take Notes On Past Players

One of the Titanbet poker features that definitely sets this online poker playing platform apart from all of the others that are currently out there is its player notes feature. This feature allows you to record your observations on another poker contestants playing style. Simply click on the other player’s name and a window will pop up where you can record a short note. Then, whenever you find yourself sitting ‘across’ from that player again in the future at one of the virtual Titan Poker tables you’ll be reminded to watch out for certain things. As the saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. With the players’ notes feature, you minimize you won’t get fooled again!

The Buddy List

In addition to making it easy for you to take notes on players to watch out for, among the Titanbet poker features is one that allows you to network with other site/app users that you enjoy playing with. again, simply click on the player’s name and you have the option of adding them to your Titan Poker buddy list. Then, whenever you log onto Titanbet Poker you can check the status of you poker buddies to see if they’re around and up to play a few hands.

Titanbet Poker Points

One of the other Titanbet Poker features which make the site unique is its point system where users accumulate points in ring table play and tournaments that they can then redeem for special bonuses. Titan Poker points can also be used to buy into special online poker tournaments where the stakes are high (and therefore so are the winnings!). Occasionally Titan also runs special promotions in which players can exchange their points for cash, straight up.

Review Your Game History In Real Time

Take a look back through your recent bets, losses/wins, and the hands that you were dealt with the game history feature. This important poker data is presented visually with graphs that are easy to interpret, allowing you to see what you did right, where things went wrong, and everything else you need to know in order to develop your game and become a more effective poker player moving forward.

Replay Tool

There is another Titan Poker feature which helps you develop your poker playing skills and that’s the Hand History Replay Tool. Powered by Flash, with this feature you can go back replay an entire session of poker -hand for hand- in a popup video interface. You have the option of going back over all of your online poker games from the previous thirty day period. This is definitely a great practice tool for poker players who are serious about improving their overall strategy and gameplay.

Titanbet Poker Games

There are over 400 games that you can play online over at Titan Poker. It’s not just a gambling site for poker players either; there are sports simulation style video games (tennis, cycling, football etc, popular casino machine games (Keno, MegaBall and others) and much, much more.

Then, of course, there are the live action casino games that you play in real time against other flesh and blood players. These Titanbet Poker Games include Roulette, BlackJack, Hold’em, and more. Of the literally hundreds of Titanbet Poker Games to choose from, even the most discriminating players are sure to find a game that suits their playing style and preferences.

Titan Poker Bonus Code

As is often the case with online betting and gaming sites, Titan Poker gives new users an economic advantage when they first sign up with a Titan Poker Bonus Code. This site changes their promotions regularly also, so make sure to keep an eye out for these comings and goings. One common Titan Poker Bonus Code makes it so that a newly registered player can double the amount of their initial deposit, provided that this amount doesn’t go over a limit of a thousand Euros.

There are other casino websites that offer Titan Poker Bonus Code promotions, but make sure to be aware of scams and use your best judgment. In any case, once you have a Titan Poker Bonus code all you have to do is paste it into the indicated space.